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2017 Design Contest

Start preparing now for the 2017 Design Competition!
Call for Entries!

Entries must be received by June 2nd, please mail them in advance to get them submitted on time!

Start here with the rules and requirements for this years entrants


  • Large Kitchen (more than 350 sq ft.)
  • Medium Kitchen (151 sq ft to 350 sq ft.)
  • Small Kitchen (150 sq ft and below)
  • Large Bath (more than a 55 sq. ft. room)
  • Small Bath (55 sq. ft. and less)
  • Powder Room
  • Other rooms (An open category including Great Rooms, Wine Cellars, Offices, Home Entertainment Centers, Laundry Rooms, Closets)

You may enter more than one category, each category will require a new entry form and submission fee.


Entry fee of $150 for first entry. Entry fee of $125 for each additional project entered. The fee will include contestant's entry into the design contest and one ticket for dinner at the awards gala.

NKBA Guidelines and Standards

The Design Competition requires that entrants’ drawings adhere to NKBA’s Graphics & Presentation Standards and follow NKBA’s Planning Guidelines. Part of your score will reflect how well you comply with these guidelines and standards.

References are provided below: